About Us

Evolution Health Club is far more than a gym, we are a MOVEMENT
  • Gym Features

  • 8,500 square ft facility
    Complimentary coffee bar and lounge area
    24/7/365 access for all members using biometric fingerprint reader
    1,000 square ft training room and fitness room
    All fitness classes included in membership
    Protein shake & smoothie bar
    Brand new state of the art customized equipment
    Largest one level fitness center in the area
    Only fitness center in the area with brand new equipment
    Free WIFI
    No limit on cardio
    Men’s & women’s locker rooms
    17 flat screen televisions
    Top-selling supplements always available
  • Classes

  • Fitness Classes
    Power Yoga
    Vinyasa Yoga
    Mixx Fit Class
    H.I.I.T Circuit Class
    Hip Hop Fitness
    GLOW Flow Yoga
    Basic Nutrition Class
    Basic Workout Class
    Basic Stretch Class
    Kickboxing Class
    All Butt Abs Class

How It All Began


After spending 4 years in the car business as a sales professional, I took a drastic leap to chase a lifelong dream of mine. Since the age of 13, I have worked out and enjoyed being a part of a gym. This was like a medication to me, also an outlet to escape from the world.


I have always researched and been interested in fitness and making improvements to my overall health. Looking for a career change, I decided to take the risk to open my own gym in Richmond County. The thing I faced was the fact there were three other successful gyms in the area and in a small hometown it was extremely risky.


I sold my home, furniture, clothes, jewelry and any other item I could to open EHC. The good news was, I was NOT opening just an average gym. I wanted to open a Health Club. I wanted to create an atmosphere so electric and addicting that we would create our own category.


Evolution Health Club was then created. We opened our doors in April 2017 and are climbing toward 800 members. Our atmosphere and mission is to become a place that would keep people coming back. We wanted to become a place that made it easy to see results. We wanted to make it fun to improve from the day before.


My idea was simple, make a gym that was not like a gym. With 17 TVs, a complimentary coffee bar and relaxation station, this place could double as a friendly hangout for you and your closest friends. Want to catch a good ball game? Come workout and catch the game and enjoy yourself and become the best YOU, that you can become.


With our bright Kawasaki green customized equipment, GREEN LED lights and signs throughout the facility, and a basement or dungeon style environment, Evolution Health Club is far more than a gym, we are a MOVEMENT.


We open our doors and welcome everyone from people who have never stepped foot into a gym to the veteran bodybuilder. We created an environment that is positive and helpful to those who need a little guidance for the first time. Our movement and mission is extremely contagious.


Come see why Evolution Health Club is your premier Fitness Center in the Richmond County Area.

evolution health club logo

Evolution Health Club
2124 Fayetteville Rd Suite A
Rockingham, NC 28379

Phone: (910) 817-6809
E-mail: [email protected]

Meet Our Team


Kyle Brubaker Personal Trainer


Sam Stokes H.I.I.T Circuit Instructor


Sarah Stogner Power Yoga Instructor


Ashleigh Aery Vinyasa Flow Yoga, GLOW Flow Yoga Instructor


Creeta Marshall Hip Hop Fitness Instructor


Ciarra Kelley Mixx Fit Instructor


Paige Stoner Desk Staff


Megan Hahner Desk Staff


Blake Altman Owner, CEO

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